PageRank Sculpting: Yes it does Work!

  SEMpost reported this week that some googlers stated: “PageRank Sculpting still doesn’t work, which it hasn’t for over six years“   Like a lot of what rank and file Googler’s say, this is an example of bleating the mothership message, without either fully understanding, or simply being disingenuous. What Was PageRank Sculpting? As the vast majority of SEO practitioners haven’t been in search for six years,

The Best SEO Tools – Voted for by You!

The votes have been counted, the decisions are in: Over 1,200 votes were cast, they’ve been counted & checked… I now have the pleasure to announce the results of probably the biggest SEO tool survey of 2015! Back in 2014 I asked a question on twitter: “which are your top 3 favourite SEO tools?”.  Last year ScreamingFrog won a hard fought battle to be #1…

Is this really what Seth Godin meant by permission marketing?

Having been in search for the last few years, I’ve not really had much involvement in email marketing. I saw this as a massive skills gap, and one I set out to change after I started working directly on our product, URL Profiler. There are plenty of studies which show how marketers are still achieving an excellent ROI on email marketing, particularly since it remains

#LidlSurprises & Sponsoring Trends

German discount supermarket chain Lidl is sponsoring a trend on twitter in the UK today, using the hashtag #LidlSurprises – so what could possibly go wrong? Lidl normally do a good job advertising, and the TV campaign that this sponsored trend is backing will no doubt be high in TVR spend – meaning those of us in the UK will see it most nights for the

#iCloudHack: Cloud Storage a More Likely Source

(NOTE: the article below goes for ANY remote file backup service, NOT just DropBox). For the last couple of days the internet has been awash with stories of celebrities phones getting hacked en-masse, and personal photos being distributed through 4chan and other such forums. The current explanation doing the rounds in the press is that the Apple iCloud Photo Stream is the source of the

Using Twitter Analytics to Boost Interaction

Edit Twitter make analytics free to everyone: That came as a bit of a shock to me, as it was already available to everyone – but they have indeed vastly improved one of the views (others remain the same though, ie. follower analytics). The new dashboard:   As you can see at its actually got some really decent information, with for the first time precise