If you had access to “Google Level Data”…?

So I thought this was probably worthy of its own post,  but my good friend Dixon Jones left a comment on my previous post about the value of SEO studies, here it is in all its glory:


Just incase anybody doesn’t know Majestic, they have for a long time operated the biggest publicly available index of links the web has seen.
Sure, Google have a bigger index – but that’s about it, and its certainly not publicly available, making Majestic your gold standard for backlink and SEO research:

Aside from the backlink research, they also have a nifty search engine in alpha, which has complete transparency in ranking factors – something of a breath of fresh air in our industry.


So, I’ll put the question to you, the rest of the SEO Community:

What amazing data points or research would you do with this resource?


I’ll collate the best ones and pass them onto Dixon, and lets see if we can crowdsource some SEO brilliance 🙂

Final note: while this post is in no way an advert for Majestic, if you’re an SEO that doesn’t use them, you’ve got some explaining to do!


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