White Hat SEO Guide

What is White Hat SEO?

There are almost limitless answers to that question, but my preferred definition is simply to strictly follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

If we assume that breaking these guidelines is either grey hat or black hat SEO, then simply following them therefore must be the definition of White Hat!


Why is this a White Hat SEO Guide?

You can read the Webmaster Guidelines here, and the Bing ones here.

Both are certainly worth reading, but unless you are experienced in building websites and marketing them, there might be things that aren’t obvious, or unfamiliar jargon.

This guide covers every point that the major search engines list, with descriptions and examples so that you can fully understand what they mean, no matter what your experience level.


Design & Content

This section covers how your website should be built, how the pages should interact with each other, and how the contents of those pages should be thought of and created.  This section revolves mainly around making sure the pages are easy to find for search engines crawlers & ensuring that the content on them is easy to understand.

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Technical Guidelines

These guidelines cover the nuts and bolts of site creation and architecture, to ensure that search engines can actually read your website without  getting confused, and that your site is easy to use across all devices and loads quickly to present a good user experience.

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Quality Guidelines – Basic Principles

The quality guidelines drawn up by Google cover both basic principles and specific guidelines.  Its pretty straightforward, the basic principals are about asking yourself if what you are doing is for the benefit of your users or the search engines.  The specifics go into different kinds of activity that search engines would consider manipulative or spam, which you may not recognise as things you should not be engaging in.

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