You don’t really hate SEO.

Do you hate SEO?

Are you sick of spam emails, web pages with text that makes no sense & huge ugly blocks of links?

Well, you’re not alone. For most people, this is their introduction to our industry:


SEO’s Hate That Stuff Too:

Thing is, what you hate IS NOT SEO.

Hating SEO because of things like this, is like hating banking because some Nigerian prince keeps emailing you about a wire transfer!

So what is SEO then, if its not Spam?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t about tricking Google into displaying a particular result.  It’s about improving sites in the eyes of Google, in order to help your site rank in a better position and for more search terms.

This normally breaks down into one of three areas, each of which has its own complex set of rules and best practices, but simply put: making your site easy to read by search engines (Technical SEO), having great content for the search engines to crawl (part of Content Marketing) and improving your sites authority and popularity (Link Building).

Typically, a good SEO campaign will address all three of these needs, but Technical SEO should normally be considered first, as having great content or lots of authority is mostly wasted without it.  Equally, having great technical SEO is nothing without decent content, and that’s not normally enough without some site authority, or link building.

Thats what SEO is…

It’s a complex mix of those three disciplines, getting the balance right can ultimately reward your business with tremendous amounts of low cost advertising – but don’t fall into the trap of answering those Nigerian princes emails, they never work out well!

Martin MacDonald
Previously: Head of SEO, Omnicom. Inbound Marketing Director, Expedia. Head of Content & SEO, Orbitz. Currently: Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500's and High Growth Startups locally in Silicon Valley. Retired BlackHat & Current Tech SEO Geek.
Martin MacDonald


Fortune 500's Digital Marketing Consultant. Former Head of Content & SEO for Expedia / Orbitz / Omnicom. English & Español
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