Using Twitter Analytics to Boost Interaction

Edit Twitter make analytics free to everyone: That came as a bit of a shock to me, as it was already available to everyone – but they have indeed vastly improved one of the views (others remain the same though, ie. follower analytics). The new dashboard:   As you can

Best SEO Tools – 2014

  Keeping up with the latest SEO Tools is almost a full time job by itself these days. To see if there were any SEO tools I’d missed out on in 2014 so far, I posed the question to twitter: What are your TOP 3 SEO Tools? #QuickPoll (will become blogpost

Topical Trustflow via MajesticSEO

A new feature in the web’s best backlink index (MajesticSEO) was released quietly this morning, with very little (in fact no) fanfare. A Topical Trustflow Report for any site or page in their index. NOTE: you need to be logged into your Majestic account to see the report.   What