5 reasons you need a strong brand voice  

Ever wondered why you should invest in branding? We'll tell you all in this guide. Just give it a read and take notes.

At the beating heart of any successful business is a set of values that clearly defines it. Think of your favorite brands – Apple, Nike, H&M, Coca Cola. All use copy which clearly maps out what they stand for. This has helped to make their marketing efforts some of the most successful, and personal, offerings in around. Here’s 5 reasons you should follow suit and build a strong brand voice for your company.  

You can reach out to the public  

No-one connects with a dull, faceless corporation. Brainstorm personality traits which sum up your company ethos. Are you that approachable old friend who always seems to buy the next round? Or are you the razor-sharp businessperson whose wheels just keep on churning round and round? Regardless of the tone you pick, personality will resonate with customers. After all, you’re far more likely to go into business with an actual human being than a few soulless paragraphs on a pale white Word doc.  

It’ll define your audience, for the better  

As much as you’d like to appeal universally, the reality for most companies tends to be something a little bit more niche. The words you use trigger different reactions across different demographics. A sales email from Urban Outfitters, pitched at a younger audience, might be a little heavier on dynamic copy and the quirky side of the business. Compare this to a warm, family-friendly brand like Falcon, who put emphasis on the happy side of their holidays, focusing on activities more suited to younger children and their parents. Build on your company’s beliefs, then hone in on a targeted demographic.  

People remember tone of voice  

When most people think of Nike, they think of the company’s now infamous slogan – ‘Just Do It’. Three simple words, and to many, living proof that simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication. Nike have gone from a sporting brand to a household name, and in many ways, a lifestyle accessory. Whether or not the brand’s success is solely thanks to the trademark saying is irrelevant – when people first lay eyes on that iconic tick, there are only three words which come to mind.  

Consistency is key 

Trust is crucial, even more so when the internet is plagued with so-called “fake news”, making you question everything you read online. Whilst you might not think much of what font you use, or whether that Facebook post was punctuated correctly, it can be the difference between a golden conversion, or a frustrating bounce from the company site. Look at the BBC and The Guardian – two renowned news sources, with their own unique style guides which have helped to make them the trusted mediums they are today. As Roy T. Bennett would say, “Consistency is the true foundation of trust. Either keep your promises or do not make them.”   

Engagement is everything  

According to Business 2 Community, 81% of consumers have either un-liked a particular brand’s Facebook page or removed its posts from their timeline. That’s a staggering part of internet users, and it goes to show how trigger-happy people can be when culling their newsfeeds. To make sure you escape their wrath, deploy an engaging tone stays in tune with your brand’s image and values. Don’t be afraid to use humor in your copy and show that you’re the kind of business who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. 

Remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s unlikely your brand’s voice will be either. Take the time to ensure your tone is crafted to a fine degree, keep it, and the rest will follow.  

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