What can we learn from clickbait?

Moobs, YOLO, slacktivist, clickbait. These words all turned up in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016, signalling, perhaps, that the English language is now taking its cues from millennial text-speak. Following suit, we will be focusing on clickbait in this article, because, you know, YOLO. Next week: moobs. What is Clickbait? “Clickbait is a pejorative … Read more

From Blogger to professional SEO – How Blogging is a good way to learn Search Engine Optimisation 

Back in 2010 I had 0 clue about SEO. Like, seriously no clue. I don’t think I’d even heard the word before. I was a journalist. I was working as a TV reporter and print journalist. I was also doing a master’s degree in Corporate Communications and Marketing management. Somehow, we didn’t learn much about … Read more