Black Hat Vs White Hat SEO

I’ve just skim-read a mammoth thread over at about the age old battle of good vs. evil,  heroes vs. villains…  oh, ok: White-hat vs. Black-hat SEO. There are a couple of things I would like to add to the discussion, from personal experience: A perceived ceiling on “white-hat” SEO

Buying Fans, Followers & the Truth

(this is part 1 of a 3 part series on social media manipulation, hopefully.. *) Since industrialisation introduced the need for marketing (when production and necessity were separated) – social proof has long been part of every brand marketer’s armoury. Documented evidence as far back as the 18th century shows

SEO is dead, if you ignore all that growth

Im writing this post/rant as a response to the latest in an infinitely long line of “SEO is dead” posts, this one from the Guardian newspaper: The article makes some pretty bold claims, including “Search engine optimisation (SEO) was always a flawed concept.” and “a recent Forrester report on how

Why Im quitting SEO

The following is a true story, however names and places have been changed to protect people’s identities: Last week I was sat in a meeting in the North West of the United States.  The company is a medium sized division of a multi-billion dollar NASDAQ listed company.  Let’s call them

Banks Offer Spamming Advice

SEO is an interesting game, we know how big brands (like Interflora) sometimes get it totally wrong and buy links resulting in google penalties – and you really shouldn’t play with fire unless you’re either: a) an experienced professional SEO or b) comfortable with having your site removed from Google. I’ve seen

Interflora SEO Penalty Analysis 2013

Yesterday evening, well known florist brand Interflora was wiped off the face of the internet.  Well, in search marketing terms anyway… Searching for the terms [Flowers], [florist], [flower delivery], [flowers online] and hundreds of other related search terms yielded the domain in first place – until yesterday afternoon.  Now