Sorry: Negative SEO Does Exist

UPDATE: Please check the end of this post for some final notes, following communications with Google. Rand Fishkin published a post yesterday saying: “webmasters are forced to police their own links through webmaster tools, and be in constant fear of negative SEO“ (I’m paraphrasing, the full post is here). Rand

Angry with Big Brand Spam?

I’ve been contacted a handful of times over the past two years by webmasters complaining about Expedia outranking them, or for having some links of questionable value. While I never put myself forward as the Spam Police, when you’re a high visibility member of staff on social networks, and SEO

Digital Conferences Shape Careers

An open letter to the digital marketing industry: Over the past few years, a number of online marketing events have shaped my career, and fundamentally changed not only me as a person, but what I believed I could achieve. In that time I’ve moved from being an SEO affiliate, to

Not Provided? Unintended Consequences of Killing SEO

Oh My God. No more keyword data. Google finally did us all the service of stopping this charade of keyword transparency this week and finally removed them entirely from their search referrers this week. Rand wrote a piece on his personal blog, calling it the first existential threat to the

#GoogleGate – Can you Trust Google?

Google have done an incredible job of portraying itself as a friendly, warm & fuzzy.  A kind of anti-corporation if you will. From their regular Google Doodles through to hollywood family comedies, it’s marketing and PR departments have really sold us the idea that it can “Do No Evil”. The

SEO advice from a PR firm

If you want information on SEO, consult an expert I’ve just read a blog post by Chad Hyett (SVP at Porter Novelli) about Google Killing the PR Industry. The overall message is spot on, and the article is sound.  Its basis being that using “online PR” as a link building