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Bulk Image Link Spam Going Un-detected?

I was asked earlier whether using badges for building links is a good idea. Its certainly not a new concept, enterprising SEO’s (myself included) had used this technique, or...

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Sorry: Negative SEO Does Exist

UPDATE: Please check the end of this post for some final notes, following communications with Google. Rand Fishkin published a post yesterday saying: “webmasters are forced to police their...

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Angry with Big Brand Spam?

I’ve been contacted a handful of times over the past two years by webmasters complaining about Expedia outranking them, or for having some links of questionable value. While I...

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We can’t stop Spam, we CAN save Polar Bears

I am bothered by comment spam as much as the next person, but in the pursuit of science (honest) I  also like playing about with the latest spamming tools....

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#GoogleGate – Can you Trust Google?

Google have done an incredible job of portraying itself as a friendly, warm & fuzzy.  A kind of anti-corporation if you will. From their regular Google Doodles through to...

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Negative SEO vs.

Negative SEO has been a hot topic for a number of years now, and we all know the typical routes to demoting your competition: 1) buy loads of crappy...

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