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The In-House Tools you need to succeed 

In today’s day and age, there are so many SEO tools you can utilise to help you succeed internally.   From tools such as Google Data Studio – which will allow you to create dynamic reports – to crawling tools such as SEO Data Tool.   If you sit in-house in a relatively broad SEO … Read more

Using Twitter Analytics to Boost Interaction

Edit Twitter make analytics free to everyone: That came as a bit of a shock to me, as it was already available to everyone – but they have indeed vastly improved one of the views (others remain the same though, ie. follower analytics). The new dashboard:   As you can see at its actually got … Read more

Best SEO Tools – 2014

  Keeping up with the latest SEO Tools is almost a full time job by itself these days. To see if there were any SEO tools I’d missed out on in 2014 so far, I posed the question to twitter: What are your TOP 3 SEO Tools? #QuickPoll (will become blogpost feat. your tweets!) — Martin … Read more

Topical Trustflow via MajesticSEO

A new feature in the web’s best backlink index (MajesticSEO) was released quietly this morning, with very little (in fact no) fanfare. A Topical Trustflow Report for any site or page in their index. NOTE: you need to be logged into your Majestic account to see the report.   What is it all about? One … Read more