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A new feature in the web’s best backlink index (MajesticSEO) was released quietly this morning, with very little (in fact no) fanfare.

A Topical Trustflow Report for any site or page in their index.

NOTE: you need to be logged into your Majestic account to see the report.


What is it all about?

One of the main quality indicators in any sites backlink profiles is the relevance of the sites linking to it. ย This is a standard flag for webspam to analyse, and up until now its been extremely tough to work out at any kind of scale.

To give an example, here is what a spammy sites “topical backlink profile” might look like:


Whereas a decent (some might say, natural) backlink profile is going to look more like this:


You can see that the types of site that are linking to the target in the second example are much closer in context to the site itself. ย This is how a natural profile would look, and these are the links that are likely to pass the most PageRank equity.

What about actionable insights?

There are plenty of potential uses, and Im sure there are a few extra features going to be implemented to make deeper analysis easier – but in the meantime take a look at a half dozen or so competitors in your vertical and record the breakdown of link types to each one – you’ll have a much better understanding of which sites are doing a great job of attracting relevant on topic links.

Once you have that data its a much easier job ignoring the links that you probably dont want to target, leaving those that you do in competitive analysis.Another use case would be to diagnose the likelihood of any domains potential to be hit by a Penguin update, based on the clustering of topics linking to it.

What use cases can you think of?

This tool is brand spanking new – less than an hour old at the time of writing this, so I’d love to hear your thoughts below on ways that this new data can be leveraged, have your say in the comments section below!

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