How to run an SEO clinic

Ever considered running an internal SEO clinic for various stakeholders? While SEO is its own discipline, in almost all in-house SEO roles you’ll find yourself needing to pull of teams such as merchandise, IT, PR and many other departments. Each of these areas has the ability to support getting wider SEO buy-in and also getting … Read more

Changes to Nofollow, Rel=”Bull”

Google today (September 10th, 2019) announced some changes to their handling of nofollow. You can read all about it here. In a nutshell, we used to have the nofollow directive.  Google are now moving towards a hint format. That’s important, because a directive is considered a firm command, whereas a hint, is not. We used … Read more

Twitter Block Web Crawlers via Robots.txt?

[aesop_parallax img=”” parallaxbg=”on” captionposition=”bottom-left” lightbox=”on” floater=”on” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up”] A small thread yesterday on HackerNews claimed that Twitter had de-indexed their entire site, using Robots.txt to block crawler access. They link to the file which appears as below: OK that looks like they are de-indexing the site? As you can perfectly well see, they ARE … Read more

PageRank Sculpting: Yes it does Work!

  SEMpost reported this week that some googlers stated: “PageRank Sculpting still doesn’t work, which it hasn’t for over six years“   Like a lot of what rank and file Googler’s say, this is an example of bleating the mothership message, without either fully understanding, or simply being disingenuous. What Was PageRank Sculpting? As the vast majority … Read more