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From Blogger to professional SEO – How Blogging is a good way to learn Search Engine Optimisation 

Back in 2010 I had 0 clue about SEO. Like, seriously no clue. I don’t think I’d even heard the word before. I was a journalist. I was working as a TV reporter and print journalist. I was also doing a master’s degree in Corporate Communications and Marketing management. Somehow, we didn’t learn much about … Read more

Web Marketing School now in Beta!

Welcome to my new site – 🙂 this is a housekeeping post, but there is a very special first ‘real’ post being published later this morning. Why have I built this site? While my personal blog has had a great year, with over 100k visitors and a thousand comments across less than 20 posts, … Read more

Dyno Rod & British Gas Complaint Story

British Gas: A culture of up selling & appalling service. I  never complain at brands in social media,having represented a lot of large brands social media interests however, I know its often a better way of getting attention from them. Its a long story but the salient points are: I have HomeCare insurance from British … Read more