Dyno Rod & British Gas Complaint Story

British Gas: A culture of up selling & appalling service.


I  never complain at brands in social media,having represented a lot of large brands social media interests however, I know its often a better way of getting attention from them.

Its a long story but the salient points are:

  • I have HomeCare insurance from British Gas.
  • Following a leak to my bathroom sink, they sent a plumber (DynoRod division)
  • He wrongly diagnosed it as a problem with my bath, and SOLD me replacement plugs for it.
  • Those were fitted incorrectly.
  • This caused a large flood in my house.
  • They admitted liability as the problem was fully created by their engineer.
  • They have offered £36 in compensation to resolve the issue, I refused.
  • They have offered a “full and final settlement” of £250 – despite them causing THOUSANDS of pounds of damage.


If you want the full details, here is a facebook page: Dyno Rod British Gas Scam


So: British Gas & DynoRod – this is a public challenge to you:

Are you intending on fixing the damage caused to my property?  Its been three months now of constant phone calls to get this sorted.

Im guessing if I were a vulnerable person – perhaps elderly or more easily swayed by your arguments I would have settled by now – does that make you proud of your service?


What about this culture of upselling things that are not needed?  

Do you pay your staff bonuses based on what they can upsell people, even if its entirely made up and not needed?



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