Webmasters on the Roof @ SMX Munich

Webmasters on the Roof is one of the longest running online radio shows, now in its seventh year.  SMX Munich hosts special editions of the show, which feature prominent industry figures.

This years lineup was:

Danny Sullivan – the man, the legend.  He’s been reporting on our industry since before it had a name, founding editor of Search Engine Land and overall good guy.

Wil Reynolds – CEO of Seer Interactive, but still goes by the job title “SEO Consultant”.  Industry thought leader and conference speaking behemoth, he is pushing to modernize our industry with the #RCS movement and is a force to be reckoned with.

Fili Wiese – Head of SEO at NetLead, and lets not forget a seven year veteran Google’r, having spent his career “on the other side” in the search quality and clickfraud teams.

Richard Baxter – CEO of SEOgadget, a specialist SEO and linkbuilding firm with offices in London and San Francisco.  Richard is a long time stalwart of the international SEO scene, one of the industries best known and most respected excel guru’s and a great guy to boot.

Martin MacDonald – errr, me!

And as ever, the session was presented and moderated by online marketing legend, founder of the highly influential SEOktoberfest gathering, and all round search superstar, Marcus Tandler


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