More Zero Results SERPs Spotted in the Wild

Here we are, less than a week after being reassured that no further queries would end up having their organic search results removed,ย  and twitter user Geoffrey Weg has spotted another, but this time its a product – NOT an information search:

Query:ย  “Lagavulin 16” (coincidentally, my absolute favorite whisky – it’s as if they knew…)


So I started going through my other favorites, to see what happened…

First up:

Query: “Ardbeg 10” (my second favorite, ever feel like you’re being personally targeted?)

I’ve searched every other whisky I can think of off hand (it’s late here, so not exhaustive) and found another, but interestingly that one isn’t *always* returning no results, so will dig a bit further.


So what is going on here exactly?ย  Is it a split test? Is it a bug? Feature roll out?

If it is that last option, then, is SEO Dead?

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