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More Zero Results SERPs Spotted in the Wild

Here we are, less than a week after being reassured that no further queries would end up having their organic search results removed,  and twitter user Geoffrey Weg has spotted another, but this time its a product – NOT an information search:

Query:  “Lagavulin 16” (coincidentally, my absolute favorite whisky – it’s as if they knew…)


So I started going through my other favorites, to see what happened…

First up:

Query: “Ardbeg 10” (my second favorite, ever feel like you’re being personally targeted?)

I’ve searched every other whisky I can think of off hand (it’s late here, so not exhaustive) and found another, but interestingly that one isn’t *always* returning no results, so will dig a bit further.


So what is going on here exactly?  Is it a split test? Is it a bug? Feature roll out?

If it is that last option, then, is SEO Dead?

3 thoughts on “More Zero Results SERPs Spotted in the Wild”

  1. It looks like we are looking at Google testing their voice search and it shows what that delivers when you have a specific search in mind. They are making it look more like it is an absolute answer to your question.

  2. So, this is when it’s time to get irate. Though it seems like they think these queries are related to time since you get a time result. But … they should have a hard and fast rule that if a shopping unit displays then the organic results must also be displayed.

    • Totally agree. I don’t for a second believe this was the intended outcome for these results, but the very fact that introducing this new Zero Serp layout has enabled this bug, is bad enough.

      If a term is valuable enough to be bid on, it shouldnt be included.

      I’ve also had some discussions over the last couple of days with a major victim to the changes last week, full details to be posted tonight but its a horrific situation…


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