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Basic SEO Theory



What are Organic SEO Results?


The first lesson in the Basic SEO Theory covers exactly what organic results in search engines are, why they are of interest to you, and what advantages and disadvantages they have against paid search.

Even if you currently practice search marketing, we recommend going through all the available videos as a refresher never hurts!

Dont forget, once you’ve watched the video to take the lesson quiz, and discuss it in the forum.


How do Search Engines Work?

trainingIf you’re getting started in search marketing, its important to understand the basics of what they do and how they order their results.

This lesson covers the basics of ranking and crawling, and sets you up for the more advanced tutorials where you can learn how to manipulate these factors to promote your site or business.

There is no need to be intimidated by their size, they are pretty simple when you break them down!


What kind of Content do I need?

trainingEveryone in SEO keeps on going on about how important content is for your website.  We hear about fresh content, compelling content, shareable content, but what does it all mean?


In this introductory video we look at what we mean by “good” content and some common pitfalls.


How Many Links do I Need & Where Do I Get Them?

trainingLinks are the fuel that powers SEO.

The problem is twofold – first you have to understand how many you are likely to need to achieve the rankings that you want, second you need to work out how to get them.

This lesson shows you how you can begin to understand both sides of the problem, and prepares you for some serious link building!


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