#LidlSurprises & Sponsoring Trends

German discount supermarket chain Lidl is sponsoring a trend on twitter in the UK today, using the hashtag #LidlSurprises – so what could possibly go wrong? Lidl normally do a good job advertising, and the TV campaign that this sponsored trend is backing will no doubt be high in TVR spend

Linkdex Thinktank: Travel Marketing

Last year I was asked to keynote a Linkdex Thinktank in London, on the future of travel marketing. Specifically I looked at what we’re doing as an industry in SEO, Social Media & how that applies to travel marketing on the internet. Its not only relevant to travel of course,

Digg banned from Google?

Something interesting has just come across one of my networks (hat tip to datadial), just a few days after Digg have announced that they are building a replacement for the much loved Google Reader, they have (coincidentally?) disappeared from the primary google index. Is it an SEO penalty for links?

Got a Social Media Strategy? the BBC do….

Every now and then, someone uncovers something nice and shiny.  This time its Gianluca Fiorelli over at inbound.org – who has published the URL of the BBC social media strategy PDF file. Its always great finding things like this to see “how the big boys” operate, and Im cross posting it