You don’t really hate SEO.

Do you hate SEO? Are you sick of spam emails, web pages with text that makes no sense & huge ugly blocks of links? Well, you’re not alone. For most people, this is their introduction to our industry:   SEO’s Hate That Stuff Too: Thing is, what you hate IS

#iCloudHack: Cloud Storage a More Likely Source

(NOTE: the article below goes for ANY remote file backup service, NOT just DropBox). For the last couple of days the internet has been awash with stories of celebrities phones getting hacked en-masse, and personal photos being distributed through 4chan and other such forums. The current explanation doing the rounds

Beginners SEO – Ignore the FUD!

Imagine it’s the first day you’ve ever studied SEO   There are as many SEO blog posts as there are opinions, and as the saying goes, everyone’s got one. Over the weekend though, a thread on the forum got me thinking:  “Experienced SEO’s have a level of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty &

Google Removing Exact Match keywords

  UPDATE: Enough people have argued that Google aren’t removing Exact Match Keywords, so I’ve put together possibly the least attractive infographic you’ll see this year:   Original post starts here: Google announced late yesterday that starting September, advertisers on adwords will no longer be able to use Exact Match