Buying a website? Audit a Flippa Listing in Minutes

Buying and selling websites is a hobby of mine, and the busiest marketplace is Flippa. Before you buy any site though you should spend a few minutes auditing whether the site is what it purports to be, and whether its a good deal.  Luckily this can be done easily and for free using nothing more than a handful of tools and your intuition.   Can

Negative SEO vs.

Negative SEO has been a hot topic for a number of years now, and we all know the typical routes to demoting your competition: 1) buy loads of crappy links (ie. xrumer/fiverr blasts) 2) duplicate the target site across hundreds of other domains, (squidoo lenses for instance) 3) breach GWMT security and de-index 4) manipulate mass spam annotations (email/DMCA’s/spamhaus etc) 5) link takedowns (send email

Digg banned from Google?

Something interesting has just come across one of my networks (hat tip to datadial), just a few days after Digg have announced that they are building a replacement for the much loved Google Reader, they have (coincidentally?) disappeared from the primary google index. Is it an SEO penalty for links? That seems to be the number one reason that brands are getting booted from google’s

Interflora SEO Penalty Analysis 2013

Yesterday evening, well known florist brand Interflora was wiped off the face of the internet.  Well, in search marketing terms anyway… Searching for the terms [Flowers], [florist], [flower delivery], [flowers online] and hundreds of other related search terms yielded the domain in first place – until yesterday afternoon.  Now the website does not even appear for its own brand name:   A quick dig

The Curious Case of Camper Shoes

I stumbled on this less than 20 minutes ago across a twitter conversation concerning rankings for the keyword term “camper men shoes“. Its hardly a big money search term but it seems to be the subject of a bit of mud-slinging-intrigue.   I’m not one to start outling networks – Ive operated my own, and lost domains in the past. But…. sometimes I just rise